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Welcome to the Etlinux web site

What is Etlinux?

Etlinux is a complete Linux-based system designed to run on very small industrial computers. It has been designed to be small , modular , flexible and complete . Its reduced memory and disk requirements make it ideal for all cost-sensitive situations, while at the same time its modularity and completeness give the full power of unix even for embedded applications.

What is Etlinux useful for?

Etlinux is ideal in all embedded system applications where advanced unix facilities are a must: preemptive multitasking , multithreading , memory protection , fast I/O , enhanced reliability , speed , ...
Moreover, source code availability is a guarantee for the longevity of Etlinux based products.
But perhaps the greatest advantage over competitors is given by the enormous and proven availability of advanced development tools, documentation and sources, giving an effective edge to the developer and reducing the time to market. In fact the availability of constantly updated quality C/C++ compilers, debuggers, libraries, interpreted languages, and other tools is the most compelling reason to switch away from old proprietary embedded development environments.

Etlinux specific features

Etlinux has some unique features, that distinguish it from other linux-based embedded solutions:

  • embedded cgi-capable WEB server
  • a telnet server
  • an email server, with the ability to execute commands sent by email from a remote site
  • CORBA support
  • easy-to-use remote file management
  • the powerful Tcl scripting language
  • a flexible package selection scheme, allowing an easy customization of the system
  • source code available for every component


Minimal requirements for an Etlinux system are amazingly reduced:

  • Intel-compatible 386SX processor (or better)
  • 2MB of RAM
  • 2MB of disk (HD or M-Systems DiskOnChip)

Is it free?

Like every product released by Prosa Srl, Etlinux is free software and is distributed with full source code. Our code is released under the GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (GPL) (some accompanying packages have different licenses, but they all qualify as Open Source).
Etlinux development has been sponsored by EuroTech Spa ( ), in order to have a reliable Operating System for their own embedded PC/104 systems.
Although Etlinux includes device drivers for EuroTech peripherals, it is pretty general, and can run on almost any Intel 80x86 based industry standard PC.

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Tue Mar 27 2003 :
Credit card owners, can now buy a CD with EtLinux sources, tools and documentation from Prosa store

Tue Sep 24 2002 :
etlinux-commit lists archive are now public available

Wed May 22 2002 :
We started to write some documentation in the form of FAQ . You can help by asking to have answers about common questions. Warning: this is still experimental.

Tue Apr 2 2002 :
New ftp/www mirror for Etlinux, check the download page.

Mon Mar 4 2002 :
Various demos of EtLinux will be showed at Prosa booth at Linux Event 2002. Come and see EtLinux live!

Mon Dec 17 2001 :
New ettcl (vers. 13) available! See announcement .

Wed Nov 28 2001 :
A roadmap page has been added, to explain future development in EtLinux

Wed Feb 21 2001 :
A support page has been added.

Mon Feb 19 2001 :
A new version of EtLinux IDE has been released. This version fixes some bugs and add new features. Try it out, go to our download page, and let us know what you think about it.

Mon Jan 8 2001 :
Created #etlinux irc channel on openprojects for general discussions on EtLinux, as in the [email protected] mailing-list.

Fri Aug 11 2000 :
Added papers in the documents section.

lun feb 28 2000 :
Cleaned up the ftp directory of the etlinux distribution. Added a ftp site map in the download page. Added a mirror ftp Etlinux.

Sat Jan 15 2000 :
Etlinux 1.2.1 is out!

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